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Withdrawal of Admissions  
  • Transfer Certificate can be issued after all the fee and other dues of the school are cleared and other required verifications. The student can be then withdrawn after a week's notice.
  • Parents seeking TC shall have to apply in the supplied format on payment of the requisite fee prescribed by the school.
  • If a student is withdrawn for a long period of time and the parents wich him/her to be readmitted, he/she will have to pay admission fee as particulars.
  • Duplicate TC will be issued on production of an affidavit and on payment of Rs. 500/-.
  • The following categories of the pupils may be required to be withdrawn from the school (not necessarily notifying the cause to the parents)
    • Those who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling and unable to get benifit from the educational programme of the school.
    • Those whose behaviour in the opinion of the Principal and Academic Committee is harmful to the interests of the school.
    • Those whose fees is in arrears.
    • Any activity of the parents of those students in the opinion of the Academic Committee is detrimental to the interest of the school. 
  • Generally withdrawal from school are not permitted except at the end of the session unless such withdrawal is warranted by transfer of the parent or guardian.