Guardian's Awareness  

Dear Parents, Warm Greetings!

For the past 10 months we enjoyed taking care of your precious children. You might have noticed that they all loved to come to School. For the next two months, you, their natural guardian will spend the vacation with them. Let’s share some tips to make this period a fruitful and happy period for them.

  • Have at least two meals together with your children. Teach them the importance and hard work of the farmers and ask them not to waste their food.
  • Let them wash their own plates after every meal. Children learn dignity of labour from such activities.
  • Allow them to help you in cooking. Let them make their own vegetable and fruit salad.
  • Learn 5 new words in English and list them in a notebook.
  • Visit 3 neighbours, know more about them and build a rapport with them.
  • Visit the grandparents and let your children bond with them. Their love and emotional support is very important for your child. Click snaps with them.
  • Take them to your work spot and let your child understand that you work very hard to support the family.
  • Do not miss the local festival and local market.
  • Gently encourage your child to raise a kitchen garden by planting seeds. Knowledge about plants and trees are an integral part of your children’s growing up.
  • Share stories about your childhood and your family history.
  • Allow your child to play outdoors get hurt and get dirty. It’s okay for them to fall down and experience pain once in a while. Comfortable life within the Sofa cushions will make your child lazy.
  • Allow them to adopt a pet dog or a cat or any animal, bird or fish.
  • Teach them a few folk songs.
  • Get them some story books with colourful pictures for your kids.
  • Keep your children away from TV, Mobile phones, Computers and other electronic gadgets; they have their whole life for that.
  • Avoid giving chocolates, jellies, cream cakes, chips, aerated drinks and too many bakery products like puffs and fried items like samosas.
  •  Look into the eyes of your little one and thank god for giving you one wonderful gift. In a few years from now, they will be soaring into greater heights.


As parents, it is important to invest your time with them now.


With good wishes for a marvellous vacation

(B.M. Upadhyay)


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